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Future-Proof Selling

Dec 4, 2019

Carman Pirie is the co-founder of Kula Partners, an agency built to help leading manufacturers digitally transform marketing and sales to deliver more leads, close more prospects, and grow their competitive edge.

With over 3 decades experience in marketing and communications, Carman is a wealth of knowledge. He shares with us his learnings and insights from the B2B marketing and sales space, and gives us valuable examples of successful sales and marketing alignment outcomes. 

In this episode Steven and Carman explore:

  • Carman’s story and how he got to his industry position today
  • Carmans political background and how his experience running for an election translated to the sales world
  • The evolution of B2B marketing and Carman's takeaways from the process
  • What a good modern B2B function looks like and where to align goals and priorities
  • The challenges of sales and marketing alignment in organisations 
  • Identifying verticals from an account list and how to best utilise them
  • Carman talks through some use cases for B2B manufacturers 
  • The key initiatives that B2B marketers should be taking to be more effective

You can check Carman out at the links below -

Carman Pirie - Website

Carman Pirie - LinkedIn