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Future-Proof Selling

Jul 6, 2020

Bill Cates is the author of the new book Radical Relevance, a method for getting the attention of our prospects and customers. Bill has been an entrepreneur for almost 40 years. He has started, built, and sold two successful book publishing companies.

After the sale of his second publishing company, Bill devoted the last 25 years to the art and science of relationship marketing.  He has three books on the topic of referrals: Get More Referrals Now, Don’t Keep Me a Secret, and Beyond Referrals.

We discuss

  • The importance of narrowing your message.
  • The neuroscience of getting our customers attention.
  • Why we should develop separate messages for different targets.
  • The power and importance of referrals.
  • A "Referral Process Masterclass".
  • The anatomy of effective prospective emails.

Learn more about Bill at and his fantastic book Radical Relevance