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Future-Proof Selling

Oct 31, 2019

Jason Bay and I discuss the challenges with crafting the right messaging to build engagement, and start a conversation. 

Jason and his team have written hundreds of cold email sequences and sent thousands of emails for their clients. Their biggest challenge was always coming up with a process that was repeatable but effective.

Jason developed the REPLY Method that allows you to scale up and improve the effectiveness of your messaging.

The REPLY Method focuses on WHY prospects buy. What are their job responsibilities? What challenges do they experience on a regular basis that relate with your product or service? What do they need to see in an email or hear in a cold call to WANT to respond?

The majority of salespeople don’t have a closing problem. They have an opening problem. The REPLY Method removes the mystery of what to say in your cold outreach so you can schedule more meetings and close more deals.

 In this episode we explore:

  • The challenges with crafting the right messaging and building engagement
  • Volume vs quality of messaging
  • Using the right amount of personalisation in email copy and what research shows is the best formula
  • Jason's guide to writing an impactful subject and opening line
  • Jason's REPLY method framework and how to best implement it
  • The importance of knowing how to troubleshoot a flawed campaign
  • Asking prospects for feedback to improve your campaign

You can check Jason out at :

Jason Bay - Website 

Jason Bay - REPLY Method

Jason Bay - LinkedIn