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Future-Proof Selling

Oct 30, 2019

Denis Champagne is an expert on the voice and many aspects of sales and prospecting. Denis joins me again on the Future-Proof Selling podcast to talk what can be adopted from the world of elite athletes and applied to the sales domain, as well as becoming an ongoing learner to get ahead of the pack.

Some key points from this discussion:

  • Sellers facing the challenge of weak pipelines
  • The danger of cutting corners to make up numbers each quarter
  • Denis’s insights from training with Australian squash champion Heather Mckay and how they apply to the sales landscape
  • Ensuring that upper management has the best interests of everyone, including staff and clients
  • Why putting in the hours and volume of work is essential to growing sales skills
  • How to have the confidence to jump on a sales call at any moment
  • Denis’s guide to call preparation and planning
  • The balance between using multiple touch points or over-contacting leads
  • Why you need to keep learning in order to succeed in sales today

You can check Denis out at the links below -

Denis Champagne - LinkedIn

Denis Champagne - Website