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Future-Proof Selling

Oct 26, 2020

Michael Haynes is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Listen Innovate Grow. He has also penned a fantastic book of the same name which is a guidebook to help startup’s and SME’s acquire and grow new B2B customers. 

For over 20 years, Michael has worked with companies ranging from micro-businesses to large corporates across Australia and Canada to develop and implement customer strategies and programs to drive business growth.

Particularly in these trying times if you’re struggling to make risk-averse buyers want to buy, need tips on retaining customers, or need to develop more sought after business offerings, this is a valuable episode. 

Key Points of This Discussion

  • How SME B2B’s should go to market in the ‘new normal’
  • Understanding the risk assessment and decision making process
  • Recognising opportunities, and being growth oriented in a changed market
  • The three levels of listening 
  • Sales and marketing alignment in executing changed strategy
  • Balancing existing customers, and new client acquisition
  • A client of Michael’s who is cutting through with innovation
  • Creating, or adjusting the business plan with adaptability
  • Empowering effective leadership mindset and team culture
  • Effectively implementing change and overcoming roadblocks
  • World-class change management and execution
  • Michael’s playbook Deciphering the business buyer

Visit the Listen Innovate Grow website for more about Michael and his company, and you can also find him on LinkedIn.