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Future-Proof Selling

Jan 7, 2020

I very much enjoyed being interviewed by Elizabeth Frederick on the "Let's Talk Sales" Podcast for Criteria For Success. We deep dive into the challenges of sales Leadership and what is required of the modern leader to really elevate their career and the success of their team. 

The theme for September was the sales playbook. This is something I'm passionate about and truly believe is critical for today's sales organisations. Elizabeth and I discuss this and much more on sales leadership.


Key Points of our Discussion on Leadership & Sales 

∙ Long-term pressures on sales leaders

∙ Competitive advantage - and how it's transient at best

∙ Importance of specialisation

∙ MoF Strategy

∙ Recruiting and promoting the right talent

∙ Mastering sales storytelling 

∙ How my book 'Future Proof Sales Strategy' can help sales leaders and managers, and assist in beginning to construct the sales playbook.