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Future-Proof Selling

Aug 31, 2020

Karen Tisdell is ranked one of the top LinkedIn Trainers across Asia Pacific in 2018 and 2019. Karen began writing LinkedIn profiles in 2009, facilitating LinkedIn strategy sessions on how to reposition your career & attract the work you want. Karen has since worked with many businesses to empower employees to broaden brand footprint, attract & retain clients.

Key Points of our Discussion

  • Using LinkedIn to build touchpoints with our potential clients.
  • Substituting face to face contact with digital interaction.
  • LinkedIn as a demand generation tool.
  • The right approach to nurturing prospects on LinkedIn.
  • The explosion in LinkedIn activity since lockdown.
  • Key LinkedIn functions for salespeople.
  • Researching our prospects and relevant content.
  • Using LinkedIn messages.
  • Focusing on customer problems not our solutions.
  • Presenting ourselves as industry experts not sales professionals.
  • LinkedIn prospecting cadence.

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