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Future-Proof Selling

Aug 11, 2021

Scott Milener is Founder and CEO of IntroSnap, an innovative company with a unique slant on helping sales teams and individuals get in touch with influencers, and targeted prospects that are otherwise difficult to reach. Scott and his team started IntroSnap to enable professionals to connect in a more effective and personal way, while being a force for good in the world.

Scott and his associates have been in Senior Sales roles in top SaaS firms including Oracle Marketing Cloud, TripActions, BlueShift and Lattice Engines. They saw over and over, first hand, the time and money spent by sales and demand gen and sales teams to drive pipe and increase win rates.

Each day, buyers are inundated with non-personal emails that all look the same, and coffee mugs they never asked for. The result is that buyers are harder to engage than ever before.

Tune in for a more effective and impactful way to get their attention. A must listen for SaaS sales leaders and their teams.

Key Points of This Discussion

  • Today’s challenges in SaaS sales
  • How many touchpoints are now in a sale?
  • Winning meetings is one thing, then what?
  • Discovery, personalisation and Demo’s
  • How to run a great meeting, and what not to do
  • Setting a meeting agenda with your customer
  • How to get key decision-makers to your next meeting
  • Scott shares the story behind his company IntroSnap

Learn more about IntroSnap on their website
And you can find Scott here on Linkedin