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Future-Proof Selling

Mar 16, 2020

“Engaging in value co-creation with your customers strengthens your relationship with them and enhances your product offerings and services.”


Alana Brittain joins me on the Future Proof Selling podcast to talk sales hacks from the perspective of an accomplished millennial. Alana has had a distinguished sales career in the healthcare and technology industries and is currently a Sales Leader for LinkedIn Australia. 

Alana brings with her an infectious energy as we discuss the complexity of corporate sales, the importance of connection and relationship-building skills and her concept of co-creating value with our customers.

Some Key Points of Our Discussion :

  • Alana’s beginning in the sales world.
  • The increased complexity of corporate sales.
  • The expansion of stakeholders we need to cover.
  • The emergence of millennials in decision-making roles.
  • The importance of relationship-building skills, not just having relationships.
  • Co-creating value with customers.
  • The importance of authenticity in sales to better connect with our customers.
  • Using storytelling effectively in the sales process, and the associated pitfalls.
  • Leveraging data effectively to help us be more productive.

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