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Future-Proof Selling

Oct 14, 2019

Procurement & Sales do not need to be in conflict. Dealing effectivey with the procurement function is often key to success in major accounts. Thomas J. Williams is an expert in dealing with procurement and shares with us strategies he has used and taught for many years.

Tom is the founder and CEO of Strategic Dynamics Inc, a firm which helps sales organisations sell more effectively by markedly improving their new hire candidate assessment process, sales productivity and business acumen.

He is also the co-author of The Seller’s Challenge: How Top Sellers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales. Think of it as a “tactical field manual” about what top-performing sellers do – how they research, plan and implement activities that maximize their chances of winning. And he recently released another co-authored book, Buyer-Centred Selling, which provides sellers strategies and tactics that help the buyer address eleven dilemmas likely to slow and obstruct the buying process. The reader will discover quickly that buying and selling are inextricably connected in their focus on helping the customer buy.