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Future-Proof Selling

Sep 21, 2020

Jeroen Corthout from Antwerp, Belgium is Co-Founder of leading CRM Software Salesflare, developed specifically for small to medium B2B. The company is known for making CRM ‘human.’

We discuss what’s important in a challenging tight market, and how salespeople can take this as an opportunity to become more productive in a remote selling environment.  

Some Key Points of This Discussion

  • Jeroen’s background and launching Salesflare  
  • The complications for Salespeople trying to utilise a CRM
  • Efficiently curating information yet making CRM human
  • How Salesflare works by populating contacts and reducing data entry 
  • Creating audiences and automated email sequences 
  • Prospecting and following up in a personalised way at scale
  • Requesting reviews and valuable feedback from customers 
  • Why remote selling is really a great thing for the industry
  • Maximising productivity through remote selling
  • Leveraging data to create opportunities 
  • The biggest issues salespeople face with remote selling
  • How remote selling can help us be more human and authentic
  • What SaaS and tech companies can do now that face-to-face events are gone
  • Virtual event software options and opportunities
  • The challenge of building pipeline in an economic downturn
  • Jeroen’s personal advice on wellbeing when working from home

Visit the website to learn more about Salesflare and you can find Jeroen on LinkedIn.