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Future-Proof Selling

Dec 17, 2019

Larry Levine is an expert in B2B sales in the office products / copier sales category.  With over 27 years experience, Larry knows what it takes to be successful in the sales world and now shares his expertise by coaching other B2B sales professionals.

Larry is the author of ‘Selling from the Heart’ and is a firm believer that pushy sales tactics should be shunned in favour of transparent customer relationships.  Larry expands on this throughout the episode.

In this episode Steven and Larry explore:

  • Larry shares the intriguing story behind what inspired him to write his book 'Selling from the Heart' and how the insights have helped him to gain success with client relationships and sales 
  • Embracing soft sales skills to build trust with prospects and prolong your business partnerships
  • The key concepts of selling from the heart and how becoming introspective can improve your sales skills and approach
  • Larry’s approach to improving himself for both his sales career and personal growth
  • Asking questions and using your customer relationships to learn lessons that will improve your career
  • How the digital age may be causing a disadvantage when it comes to building an authentic relationship with your clients
  • Through role play, Larry shows ways to have a more engaging and unique conversation with clients that goes beyond the typical sales pitch

You can check Larry out in the links below -

Larry Levine - Website

Larry Levine - LinkedIn