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Future-Proof Selling

Mar 2, 2020

Dale Dupree is the fearless leader of The Sales Rebellion, host of the Selling Local podcast and known to many as the Legendary Copier Warrior.  Dale brings a heartfelt, unique and creative approach to the sales space that encourages vulnerability, honesty and authentic human interaction.

Dale passionately believes in practicing what you preach, even if it means making and admitting to mistakes.  This is an approach that Dale shares vigorously throughout his sales coaching platform ‘The Sales Rebellion’  

In this powerful episode Steven and Dale explore:

  • Dale's background in the copier industry and what inspires him to bring creativity to the sales space
  • Avoiding assumptions about clients or the marketplace to prevent limitations
  • Using your personal brand creatively to show authenticity and to resonate with your customers
  • His late Father's influence on Dale's career and life values
  • Dale’s relationship with depression and navigating the sales space while dealing with mental illness
  • The Sales Rebellion and the philosophies behind the project that are helping to create a movement and community
  • Being willing to succeed in your workspace and being confident in making the choices to support you along the way

It was an absolute pleasure talking to Dale, he is a rockstar. So clear and passionate. You can check Dale out in the links below -

Dale Dupree - LinkedIn

Dale Dupree - Website