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Future-Proof Selling

May 18, 2020

This is an amazingly energetic and value-packed episode. Dale Dupree has had an incredibly successful sales career and employs a number of innovative strategies to get customer attention and then create loyal-for-life customers.

Dale is the leader of The Sales Rebellion, host of the Selling Local podcast and known to many as the Copier Warrior.  Dale brings a unique and creative approach to the sales space that encourages taking risks to get noticed and to secure new sales opportunities.

Dale passionately believes in practicing what you preach, even if it means making mistakes.  This is an approach that Dale shares vigorously throughout his sales coaching platform ‘The Sales Rebellion’.    

In this episode Steven and Dale explore:

  • Dale’s positive approach to prospecting and how he maintains that outlook in everything he does across the sales space
  • Understanding that someone is filtering your emails before reaching the prospect and using this knowledge to get beyond that first stumbling point
  • The crumpled letter trick, its origin and how it works?
  • Dale shares some further obscure techniques that will increase your response rate
  • What Dale means when he says that his pipeline is alive?
  • How to approach a live opportunity and understanding that the buyer is just as prepared going in as the seller
  • Dale’s final thoughts on sales processes

You can check Dale out in the links below -

Dale Dupree - LinkedIn

Dale Dupree - Website