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Future-Proof Selling

Jun 8, 2021

Head of sales enablement for the APAC region, with 15 years experience at Phil and his team enable their account executives, business development teams and sales leadership to find more pipeline, execute transformational sales journeys, and become trusted advisors to their valued customers. 

Aligned tightly to sales leadership priorities, they onboard new hires, coach sales teams and deliver messaging, product and skills training programs across their sales hubs in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India. 

Phil is passionate about enablement strategy, enabling enablers, and attracting more people to the noble profession of enablement.

Key Points of This Discussion

  • Phil’s impressive career and journey into Sales Enablement
  • Phil’s recent LinkedIn article “My Sales Enablement Lessons Learned in 2020.”
  • Executive selling - establishing credibility, and gaining trust
  • Why everyone needs an individual elevator pitch
  • Why Leaders need to be coached to coach
  • Specialisation - and the 4 key pillars involved in sales enablement
    • Curricular design and structure
    • Building content/tools and assets
    • Content delivery and managing a room
    • Stakeholder engagement
  • Understanding the needs of the customer’s customer
  • Delivering sales enablement programs virtually

Excellent value for any sales or business leaders looking to launch or expand upon a sales enablement program within your company. 

To learn more about Phil and Salesforce, you can find him here on LinkedIn