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Future-Proof Selling

Jul 20, 2020

Mark McInnes is a prospecting expert and Australia's leading social seller. He has just written an outstanding book on outbound sales called Tactical Pipeline Growth, Winning the Outbound Battle for New Business.  Mark has extensive frontline experience and has written the book for frontline sellers to be successful in today's market. 

We discuss

  • Designing the right outbound cadence
  • How often and which channels should we use
  • Targeting tech decision makers
  • Crafting the right messages
  • Mark’s eight week prospecting plan
  • How Mark gets a 60% response rate
  • How to leverage “Public Signals”
  • Effectively researching prospects and companies
  • Avoiding the feast and famine of sales
  • Key outbound metrics

Connect with Mark on LinkedIn, visit his website and find his book here.