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Future-Proof Selling

Nov 9, 2020

Patrick Butler is CEO of Information Security Specialists Loop Secure. He has had a long and successful 13 year career with the company, having started out as an account manager in sales, and working his way up to the C-suite. You could say he knew the business like the back of his hand...until COVID hit suddenly and forced rapid change. 

Patrick joins me on the Future-Proof Selling Podcast to share the Loop Secure journey of how they reacted to the pandemic, and the steps they took to transform their business in a very short space of time. 

What did they do to pandemic-proof their business and outshine competitors?

Key Points of This Discussion

  • Patrick’s Company Loop Secure 
  • What Patrick and his company did to survive the shock of COVID
  • Steps to pandemic-proof and remote work-proof a business
  • When pivoting, who should be involved in the decision-making process?
  • The impressive reactions of Loop Secure team members
  • Webinars as a means of communicating new offerings
  • The situation for Loop Secure now, six months on
  • The importance of alignment between all divisions

Click through to learn more about Loop Secure, and you can also find Patrick on LinkedIn.