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Future-Proof Selling

Jun 29, 2020

Mark McInnes is a prospecting expert and Australia's leading social seller. He has just written an outstanding book on outbound sales called Tactical Pipeline Growth, Winning the Outbound Battle for New Business. Mark has extensive frontline experience and has written the book to help frontline sellers be successful in today's market. 

Some Key Points of Interest

  • The confusion about how to prospect today 
  • How to have high value conversations
  • Being persistent with their outbound and how to do it
  • How to get 60% conversion rates on your prospecting
  • The Quality vs Quantity debate
  • Understanding your Compelling Story 
  • 13% of salespeople get 90%+ of the prizes
  • When business gets difficult, the gaps start to show
  • How Mark applies his military background to sales
  • Mark’s five Pillars of prospecting framework 
  • How to target and craft effective messaging 
  • The #1 too you must be using in your cadence

To learn more about Mark Connect on LinkedIn and/or Visit Mark's Website