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Future-Proof Selling

Jun 2, 2020

So many organisations undertake sales training expecting behaviours to change and results to turn around but it rarely happens. But usually within a month the sales team falls back into ingrained habits and sales managers are busy as ever managing the business.

 Very few sales managers coach and even fewer coach effectively. John Hoskins shares with us the secrets to driving lasting change in sales organisations through effective and ongoing coaching systems.

Some Key Points of this Discussion:

  • The challenges of coaching in today’s environment.
  • The importance of coaching in driving lasting change
  • Allocating time to coaching and feedback
  • The 70/20/10 coaching framework
  • Building a coaching plan
  • Having a sales system to coach to
  • The importance of “ride alongs” for on the spot coaching, call planning, call execution and call post-mortems 
  • The five levels of salespeople and how managers can categorise their team
  • Approx 50% of our salespeople are “technical tellers” who talk too much and lose control of the sale
  • The five levels of sales management, and how most managers are stuck in the buddy, parent or boss model

You can find more about John, his company and books here LinkedIn | Website