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Future-Proof Selling

Jul 21, 2021

Sam Capra is a sales student who has worked in the B2B sales space for 20+ years in various sales roles as a contributor, leader and trainer. Sam's experience spans across various industries from Industrial early in his career, to SaaS the past 10+ years working with Startups to Enterprise level organisations. Sam currently leads sales efforts for flexEngage, an innovative SaaS company out of Orlando, FL.

Sam decided to pursue his passion of helping others and founded Sales Samurai, a podcast dedicated to helping B2B sales professionals grow and evolve in their profession. Sam likes to give salespeople real, tactical tips they can utilise in their day to day processes.

A must listen for SaaS sales leaders and their teams.

Key Points of This Discussion

  • Should we cold call a prospects mobile phone?
  • How salespeople should be utilising LinkedIn
  • Hiring salespeople and interviewing processes
  • Targeting, discovery and qualification
  • Getting to the “real” customer problems
  • Deal management and navigating the buying committee

Learn more about FlexEngage on their website 
And you can find Sam here on Linkedin