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Future-Proof Selling

Feb 8, 2021

Karl Sice is Country Business Leader for ANZ at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, the multi-national communications, collaboration and network solutions corporation. He has 20+ years’ experience in leadership and business development in IT and financial services, with roles in industry powerhouses Dell, Sun Microsystems, Staples, Gartner and American Express.

Karl is an extremely passionate frontline sales and business leader with a contagious energy. This episode is absolutely packed with valuable insight and advice for leaders, take the 30mins to listen to the full episode, it’s very energising.

Key Points of This Discussion

  • Karl’s career journey in the world of Tech
  • Tips on moving into a new leadership role in technology today
  • The “colleagant” opportunities in today’s business operations
  • Shaping a culture rather than focusing on results
  • The importance of extracting input from all of your team members
  • Managing the pressure of tech business leadership
  • Bursting out of the 13 week bubble and planning longer term
  • Using your CRM data as an informative reverse coaching tool
  • Effectively working with your superiors and offshore stakeholders
  • We talk about people, recruiting and hunting for the right attitudes
  • People management 101 - no surprises, trust and transparency

A must-listen for current or aspiring leaders of any B2B sales team; but in particular those in the tech space will get a lot out of this.

Learn more about Karl’s company Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and find him here on LinkedIn