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Future-Proof Selling

Jan 11, 2021

Dan Pfister has been a marketer for over 20 years and has spent thousands of hours testing and implementing a very wide variety of sales growth strategies. 

In total they’ve generated over 50,000 customers and have allowed him to work with brands like Fidelity Investments and Tony Robbins (see below).

Though many strategies have generated outstanding results for Dan, nothing in his experience has generated revenue faster or more predictably than WinBack. It was the strength and reliability of WinBack that motivated Dan to found Strategic WinBack and become an evangelist for this under-valued and under-appreciated sales strategy.

During this discussion Dan shares his expertise and advice on best practice WinBack, backed by some very compelling numbers and statistics. 

Key Points of This Discussion

  • The value of winning back past customers
  • The cost of customer losses to companies if left unaddressed
  • The best way to approach and re-engage with customers 
  • How to best utilise the information your past customers offer
  • Are there customers that we should just let go? 
  • WinBack vs prospecting new customers
  • WinBack ROI statistics 
  • Why aren’t more companies employing WinBack as a strategy?
  • Why past customers are in many ways your best prospects

Learn more about Dan’s company Strategic WinBack, and you can also find him here on LinkedIn.