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Future-Proof Selling

Feb 4, 2019

Mike Adams has just written a book called Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell. This book really blew my mind, and I think it’s a missing link for a lot of sales organisations and a lot of salespeople.

How do we get customer's to open up and share their pain points?

How do we get them to trust us and engage on a deeper level?

How do we get to that point where we can highlight the flaws in their status quo without offending them?

Many salespeople know that this is the key to being successful in large deals but very few can actually do it. Sales storytelling can be a great method for addressing these important components of the complex sale.

Mike steps us through why storytelling is so powerful and how to do it effectively, all along the way teaching us through his powerful stories. Time absolutely flew by in this discussion as Mike was so incredibly engaging.