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Future-Proof Selling

Nov 28, 2018

Michele Buckley is the Global Sales & Marketing Advisor for the Software and Tech Industry at Gartner. She shares details from her latest research on how buying decisions are getting made in large accounts for Software/Saas and Tech products. She talks about the increased complexity of buying, managing risk in our deals...

Nov 23, 2018

Victor Antonio is a renowned and compelling global keynote speaker on sales and management. A fantastic storyteller and sales thought leader, Victor has written 13 books on sales and motivation, has posted over 800 YouTube videos and enjoys a huge global following.

Victor is a leading advocate for augmenting our sales...

Nov 12, 2018

Tony shares his thoughts on effective prospecting, how to personalise our messaging to potential buyers and how we must leverage insight to progress the sale. He also gives us real life examples of how these approaches should be used in the real sales world.

Tony also gives us some great advice on how sales teams...