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Future-Proof Selling

Feb 20, 2019

A must listen for anyone selling high value or business-critical solutions. Do you and your team want to master the art of high-level executive selling? Here is a great place to start with advice from one of the best going around.

We all know we need executive buy-in for our proposals but what is the best way to go...

Feb 14, 2019

Companies rarely understand the real reasons why they win and lose deals. Most analysis is conducted internally around the meeting table where inherent bias and guesswork rule. Cian McLoughlin shares with us the benefits of doing thorough and independent Win-Loss analysis and how to get the real Customer's Voice....

Feb 4, 2019

Mike Adams has just written a book called Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell. This book really blew my mind, and I think it’s a missing link for a lot of sales organisations and a lot of salespeople.

How do we get customer's to open up and share their pain points?

How do we get them to trust us and engage on a...