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Future-Proof Selling

Oct 12, 2020

Master storyteller, author and sales mastermind Mike Adams returns to the Future-Proof Selling podcast guessed it, a plethora of valuable experiences and insights around the concept of story-listening in sales. 

Mike is an expert facilitator and story consultant who has helped numerous national and international companies, across many industries, to tap into story-powered sales. 

Before working at Anecdote, Mike was the CEO of The Story Leader and had leading marketing and sales roles at Schlumberger, Siemens, Halliburton, Spotless, and GM Minerals and Energy.

Mike has sold more than $1 Billion worth of products and services and has spoken at many major conferences around the world. 

Key Points of This Discussion

  • Mike’s early emergence into sales 
  • The epiphany of recognising storytelling as a problem solving tool 
  • Listening to your customers comments in order to seek stories
  • Changing the nature of sales conversations 
  • Having a deeper conversation with your customers
  • An example when story-listening won Mike a multimillion dollar deal
  • The consequence of sticking to standard sales talk
  • Stories that help your customers close deals
  • Handling objections as a story-listening opportunity
  • Anecdotes program for sales organisations - “Storytelling for Leaders.”

Visit the Anecdote website to learn more about Storytelling for Leaders, and you can find Mike on LinkedIn.