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Future-Proof Selling

Jul 13, 2020

Renee Zamora is a guru on virtual sales management and the author of Part Time Sales Management. He is the founder of Sales Manager Now, a virtual sales management practice supporting small business. He previously had 27 years in sales and sales management.

Key Points of our Discussion:

  • Rene’s early sales career and transition into his own business
  • How a good manager can insulate you from company challenges
  • The challenges small businesses have setting up their sales structure
  • The concept of virtual sales management
  • How virtual sales management works
  • The value proposition for small businesses
  • The power of delegation to your sales team vs micromanaging
  • The importance of building trust with your team
  • Top tips on working remotely


Learn more about Rene and his company here :

Web page:

Part-Time Sales Management (book): 

Twitter:      salesmanagernow