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Future-Proof Selling

Jun 22, 2020

Larry Levine is an expert in B2B sales in the technology industry.  With over 27 years experience, Larry knows what it takes to be successful in the sales world and now shares his expertise by coaching other B2B sales professionals.

Larry is the author of ‘Selling from the Heart’ and is a firm believer that pushy sales tactics should be shunned in favour of transparent customer relationships.  Larry expands on this throughout the episode.

In this episode Steven and Larry explore:

  • What being authentic means to Larry and how to provide substance to your customers
  • Larry opens up about his challenges with understanding how his clients viewed him as a sales professional
  • Why your online persona should translate to how you engage with people in the real world
  • How improving your writing skills and starting a blog can help to build your network and credibility
  • Understanding modern branding tools like social media and setting realistic expectations around brand growth
  • Stepping up your game when it comes to creating first impressions with potential customers
  • Vulnerability and how it can work in your favour within the sales space
  • Being genuine first up to prevent issues further down in the business relationship
  • Larry’s final points on how to sell from your heart

You can check Larry out in the links below -

Larry Levine - Website

Larry Levine - LinkedIn